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The missionary expansion of the Reformed churches. by J.A. Graham

The missionary expansion of the Reformed churches.

by J.A. Graham

Author Graham, J. A. (John Anderson), 1861-1942

R & R Clark, Edinburgh, 1898. 145 illustrations and 8 maps. xv, 246 p., : ill., maps, ports. ; 20 cm. Series The Guild library Notes. Includes bibliographical references and index.Subjects Reformed Church - Missions.Purchased by the Hammill Missionary Fund.

Ilustration Salvator Mundi. Painted by Leonardo da Viuci. Engraved by Giacomo Felsing.


This volume represents an attempt to give, in short compass, a general view of the principles, history, and present position of the Missions of the Keformed Churches. In dealing thus briefly with a subject so great and a literature so extensive, it is not easy to be at once compre-
hensive and interesting. The only trying part of an otherwise delightful task has been the necessity of forgoing very much that deserved to be included, and the Author can only hope that the book may supply a stimulating introduction to the further study of the entrancing and supremely important subject of Missions.

Many friends have contributed to the preparation of the book. Those who have helped with the illustrations are mentioned on page xv. Most of the chapters have been submitted to acknowledged authorities on the respective subjects. Chapters I. to VII. have been revised by Dr. George Smith, CLE., the Secretary of the Foreign Mission Committee of the Free Church of Scotland, and
the distinguished missionary historian and biographer; Chapter III. by Professor Dalman of the Delitzschianum, Leipzig, the Kev. Dr. Thomas Nicol, the Convener of the Church of Scotland's Committee on Jewish Missions, and the Rev. W. T. Gidney of the London Mission to the Jews, and author of Missions to the Jews ; Chapter Y. by the Rev. J. Klesel, Secretary of the Moravian Missionary Society; Chapter VIII. by the Rev. H. L. Mackenzie of Swatow, late Moderator of the English Presbyterian Church Synod; Chapter IX. by Mrs. A. L. Bruce, the daughter
of David Livingstone ; and Chapter XI. by the Rev. George Cousins of the London Missionary Society, and a writer on South Sea Missions, as well as by the Rev. Joseph Nettleton, late Wesleyan Missionary in the South Seas ; while Miss J. E. Brewis, Secretary of the Scottish
Auxiliary of the South American Missionary Society, assisted with Chapter XII.

Some of the many books which the Author has consulted are indicated in the text, and in this connection he would make special mention of the courtesy and kindness of the Rev. Dr. M'Murtrie, Convener of the Church of Scotland's Committee on Foreign Missions, of Mr. W. A. Taylor, M.A., F.R.S.E., Librarian to the Scottish Geographical Society, and of the Librarian of the Free Church of Scotland Mission Library.

The Rev. W. H. Hort of the Wesleyan Mission, Calcutta, and the Rev. Robert Kilgour of Darjeeling read most of the proof sheets while journeying with the Author to India. Mr. J. W. Douglas, Writer, Glasgow, has prepared the Index and seen the book through the Press.

To one and all of those friends the Author would express his sense of gratitude. He would also respectfully oflfer his thanks to the Editors of the Guild Library for their patience and forbearance and for their valuable suggestions and corrections.
Kalimpong, Eastern Himalayas.


The Light of the World -The Reformation and its Influence - Beginning at Jerusalem.
Earlier Calls through Empire. The Dutch Colonies.The British Colonies. The Danish Colonies with German Co-operation. A Missionary Church. On the Threshold of the Nineteenth Century.
The Hindus and their Neighbours. Buddhist Lands. The Dark Continent. Islam. The Southern Isles. The New World. The World's Evangelisation.

1. Salvator Mundi, by Leonardo da Yinci . Frontispiece

2. The Light of the World, by Holman Hunt

3. " Feed My Sheep," by Raphael .

4. Reformers translating the Scriptures, by P. A. Labouche

5. Erasmus ......

6. "The Leaves of the Tree were for the Healing of the

Nations ".....

7. Mount of Olives and Gethsemane

8. The AVandering Jew (after Dore)

9. Jesus as a Boy in the Temple, by J. M. H. Hofman

10. Bishop Alexander

11. Rev. Dr. Adolph Saphir

12. Professor Delitzsch

13. Felix Mendelssohn

14. Jerusalem Jews .

15. The Jews' Wailing Place

16. " If Thou hadst known,'

17. Behaim's Globe, 1492

18. Calvin

19. Rev. Robert Junius

20. Seal of Governor and Company of Massachusetts

21. Oliver Cromwell .....

22. John Eliot, the Apostle of the Red Indians

23. Rev. Principal Jonathan Edwards

24. Seal of Society for the Propagation of the Gospel

25. Signatures of Indian Chiefs

26. John Wesley .....

27. Seal of Society for Promoting Christian' Knowledge

28. Augustus Herman Francke

29. Christian Frederic Schwartz .......

72. Brass Image of Buddha from Ceylon

73. Adoniram Judson

74. Siamese Missionaries .

75. Temple of Heaven, Peki

76. Confucius

77. Taoist Priest

78. Ancestor Worship

79. Si-gnan-fu Tablet

80. Rev. Dr. Morrison

81. Opium Smokers

82. Rev. W. C. Burns

83. Rev. Dr. Griffitli John

84. Rev. J. Hudson Taylor

85. One Hundred China Inland Missionaries

86. Rev. Dr. Williamson .

87. Rev. W. H. Murray

88. Buddhist Prayer AVheel

89. A Manchu Pastor

90. Rev. George Piercy

91. Mrs. Bird Bishop

92. A Shinto Temple .

93. Joseph Neesima and his Wife

94. Rev. Dr. Hepburn

95. Buddhist Lamas

96. A Slave Gang .

97. Language Map of Africa

98. Native Pastor of Old Calabar

99. Bifcihop Crowther

100. Dr. Vanderkemp

101. Dr. Moffat

102. Dr. Stewart of Lovedale

103. Dr. Livingstone

104. Mrs. Livingstone's Grave

105. Bishop Mackenzie

106. Dr. Laws

107. Blantyre Church

108. Dr. Krapf

109. Rev. A. M. Mackay .

110. Bishop Hannington

111. H. M. Stanley .

112. Some Missionary Heroes of the Congo

113. The Kiiaba at Mecca

114. The Sultan of Turkey .

115. The Mosque of Omar .

116. Rev. Henry Marty n

117. The Jama Musjid, Delhi

118. Otaheite or Tahiti

119. A National God of Polynesia

120. Captain James AVilson .

121. Rev. John Williams

122. Rev. John Hunt

123. Rev. Dr. J. G. Paton .

124. Bishop Patteson

125. Rev. Samuel Marsden .

126. Rev. James Chalmers .

127. Papeiha, the Rarotongan Teacher

128. Ruatoka and his AVife, New Guinea

129. King Radama I. of Madagascar

130. An Old Malagasy Bible

131. Rev. William Ellis

132. A Martyr Memorial Church, Madagascar

133. Columbus's Three Ships and the latest Cunarder

134. Ruins of Old Palace of Kabah, Central America

135. Rev. William Kuibb ....

136. American Indian Christians

137. Metlakahtla Church and Indian Band

138. The Neglected Continent

139. Captain Allen Gardiner, R.N. .

140. Missionaries and Indians of the Gran Chaco .

141. 1798— 1898— When ? ....

142. Religious Census of the World

143. Proportion of Converts to Unconverted Heathen

144. Missionary and other Expenditure

145. " The Word of the Lord endureth for ever " .


1. The World in Hemispheres ; 2. India. 3 China and Japan . 4. Africa; 5. Turkish Empire

6. Oceania . 7. North America . 8. Map of the World sliowing Prevailing Religions.

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