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terça-feira, 23 de junho de 2009

Our Name Is Melancholy: The Complete Books of Azrael. Wendell, Leilah.

Our Name Is Melancholy: The Complete Books of Azrael

Wendell, Leilah

Westgate Press, Louisiana


Softcover. Book Condition Good. Special Third Edition (Books One & Two Plus Appendices). 352 pages.

A unique and haunting autobiography of the Angel of Death, hailed by readers and reviewers as The most fascinating true story of the 20th century! A 12 year Best Seller of occult non-fiction, it sparked a subtle revolution in the way we deal with death in general, and Death, More...
the entity. It brought us up close and personal with the melancholy spectre known as The Reaper. Through the Angel of Death's own words and the writings of His incarnate soul-mate, this awesome spirit reveals to all His true nature and purpose. Also included are selections from The Necromantic Ritual Book, Shadows in The Half-Light, and treatises from Infinite Possibilities. Azrael is an eerie herald, come to enchant the world with a divine Dance Macabre. A story mighty in both sorrow and joy. The ultimate tale of Love & Death is, indeed, a True Story!

"It might shock, intimidate, seduce, sadden you, sound unbelievable, or make perfect sense. But it will not leave you unaffected...This is an expression of love that is all encompassing between two spirit halves separated by the Ultimate Mystery...A story of, quite literally, love from beyond the grave."

readers and reviewers hailed The Book of Azrael "the most fascinating book of the 20th century". The book's aim is to bring humanity to a greater understanding of His purpose here, and hereafter.

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