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quinta-feira, 11 de novembro de 2010

The Ultimate Alphabet Mike Wilks

The Ultimate Alphabet

Mike Wilks


Livro em bom estado, capa dura,coda1bx12, escasso, não perca, saiba mais ...

A pictorial alphabet with complex pictures of a multitude of things whose identities start with the representative letter. Challenging for an adult.

'The powerful and evocative story of Noah's Ark has captured the inmagination of countless painters. Mike Wilks, creator of lthe highly successful Ultimate Alphabet, has been inspired by the legend to paint his own extraordinary and enigmatic interpretation of it, which challenges the reader to solve a baffling puzzle. He has depicted over 700 individual creatures from the exotic to the everyday. In keeping with the original story, he has painted all the animals two by two, though not usually side by side or obviously matched - except for one, and only one, which has been painted without its mate. The mystery of the painting is to find and name the one solitary animal. Includes text on each creature in the paintings, minutely researched and accurate.


The Ultimate Alphabet (ISBN 1-85145-050-5) is a best-selling book by Mike Wilks. It is a collection of 26 paintings, each depicting a collection of objects starting with a particular letter of the alphabet. It was published in 1986 as a competition with a £10 000 prize, closing in 1988. Unlike children's alphabet books, it contains unusual words, and is extremely intricately painted, with the paintings in a realistic style, but rendered surrealistic by the strange juxtaposition of subject matter. Wilks himself appears at least once in every painting, as does his trademark snail. Each letter is itself represented several times, typically in braille, morse code, semaphore, and sign language as well as in its printed form.

According to Wilks the book contained depictions of 7,777 words in total ranging from just 30 for the letter X to 1,229 for the letter S, taking a total of 18,000 hours to complete. A single object may be described by more than one word beginning with the same letter: for instance, a dalmatian is also a dog and a witch is also a woman. Conversely, the same word may refer to more than one class of object: thus the leg of a tripod and the leg of a human being count as two separate words, and the image for K depicts several types of king. However, as Wilks points out in his Introduction, "anyone with expertise in any particular subject will certainly be able to identify more in these images than I have intentionally included".

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