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quinta-feira, 13 de janeiro de 2011


Advanced Algebra Matemática Avançada Texto Clássico

Barnard S - Child R$ 125,00.

editora: Macm

ano: 1939

cadastrado em: quinta-feira, 11/12/2008. 23:10:34. descrição: capa dura, bom estado, escasso, aproveite. "...Intended for the Mathematical specialist. x, 280 p : diagrs ; 23 cm.


Great Systems of Yoga

Ernest Wood R$ 85,00.

editora: Ph Library

ano: n/d

cadastrado em: quinta-feira, 11/12/2008. 23:36:57. descrição: livro bem conservado, a17c. um clássico sobre o assunto. escasso não perca. including Patanjalis Raja Yoga, Shri Krishnas Gita Yoga, Shankaracharyas Gnyana Yoga, the Hatha and Laya Yogas, and the Bhakt and Mantra Yogas.; etc. Hardcover. 8vo. 168 pp.


The Amateur Horse Breeder Cavalos Equitação Criação Etc.

Ann C Leighton Hardman R$ 70,00.

editora: Arco Publishing

ano: n/d

estante: Livros Raros

cadastrado em: sexta-feira, 12/12/2008. descrição: 155 pp.coda16,with photographs and illustrations throughout. Deals with subjects such as finding a suitable stallion, the time to get your mare in foal, care of broodmare before, during and after foaling, handling of foals and young stock and much more.


Time Must Have a Stop

Aldous Huxley R$ 95,00

editora: New York Harper & Brothers

ano: 1944

cadastrado em: quarta-feira, 24/6/2009. 12:45:18. descrição: Hardcover. 1st Edition. First edition. Small 8vo.Blue cloth. 311 pages.coda1. first printing (stated G-T) of Time Must Have a Stop, Huxley’s 1944 dystopia. Huxley is, of course, more widely known as the author of Brave New World, the first of a series of rather famous novels which would appear in the mid-20th century, depicting the future downfall of society. It would be followed by Orwell’s 1984 in 1949 and Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 in 1953. It is fairly unremarkable as far as first editions go; it is one of Huxley’s later works and is in less than mint condition. Nevertheless, this volume has captivated my attention for the last few days. Sebastian Barnack, a handsome English schoolboy, goes to Italy for the summer, and there his real education begins. His teachers are two quite different men.


Drum Taps Cameo Classics Series

Walt Whitman R$ 130,00.

editora: Grosset & Dunlap

ano: n/d

cadastrado em: sábado, 27/6/2009. 15:31:26. descrição: 139 pgs. coda1. Hardcover. Book Condition: Good. Brown cloth hardback with gold print on front. Raised cameo of Johann Gutenberg on front.Beautiful copy of American reprint of the collection of Whitmans civil war poems that probably was responsible for his eventual acceptance into the high ranks of literature.

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