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segunda-feira, 10 de janeiro de 2011

Magic Casements. Day, Langston. Bel-suzub Babylon Alchemist Bacchus

Magic Casements.

Day, Langston.

Foreword by Clifford Bax. Preface by Algernon Blackwood. Illustrations by Angela Ogden.

London: Rider and Company,


Octavo, black cloth (hardcover), silver letters, illus., 200 pp.

From Preface: These are indeed magic casements and well worth looking through, yet not merely upon faerie seas forlorn, but upon the fabulous magic of the ancient world. There are ten in all, the scenes and strange experiences the author describes in story form, each with a tender romance inwoven, each too with such plausible verisimilitude that he might have lived himself in the very heart of this ancient scenery, and witnessed at first hand the fabulous experiences. There is a lightness of touch, there is humour too, yet the stories are fables and mystical fables at that, for the barriers between the gods and humans are more than once obliterated and the gods themselves appear.

Contents: The Gods Play for High Stakkes; The Day of the Thunder-Clouds; The Jewel City of Gracious Recompense; The Three Bounties of Bacchus; Even Allah Cannot Help a Fool; Merswynde of the Mill; Bel-Suzub Comes to Babylon; The Uncaged Monster; Bayswater Tapestry; The Alchemist of Augsburg.

Trata-se de um grande clássico de caráter universal primordial para a educação.
Possui texto de fácil entendimento que estimula o leitor a pensar e refletir sobre o tema proposto.

Temos disponibilidade de outros volumes sobre o mesmo assunto.

Temos condição de conseguir muitos outros títulos sobre o assunto.
Diga-nos quais você precisa e lhe daremos a resposta.

Temos um vasto acervo sobre essa bibliografia temática.

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